Pre-Shot Routine, Part II


 OBSERVE:  For example, you are 145 yards from the
pin.  The ball lies in the fairway.  The pin is tucked right with a bunker
guarding the front of the green.  The
wind is blowing 5mph from left to right.
It’s your second shot of the day and it’s early, so you are not full
warmed up.  You’re beginning to picture a
fade.  You’re beginning to consider an
easy 6 or a full 7…. 

If you’ve taken in all the
information needed, it’s now time to DECIDE.
I think back to my youth (and young adulthood) and realize that a great
portion of my bad shots were simply due to not deciding on a specific
shot.  I find that saying DECIDE each
time before I pull a club out of the bag is a great way to make a better

 On almost all shots there are
several options for you to choose.  For
me, that was a big problem!  I was not
great a committing to a shot, and that is critical for long term success (long
term being 18 holes or 3 months, or more….). 

 Back to the shot described
above.  Since it’s early and the swing
isn’t as free as it will be later in the day, I’m going to DECIDE on the 6
iron.  I’m already more confident because
I’ve observed not only the lie of the ball, the position of the pin, and the
wind, but also the state of my body and my swing…. 

 DECIDE clearly and confidently
on each shot and it will pay off in the long run.  I would much rather DECIDE and be wrong, then
be wishy washy on any swing!  

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