Pre-Shot Routine, Part I

This will be a saga blog (I may
have just coined a new phrase!) that will likely last for some time.  My intention is to lay out a simple and clear
cut mental pre-shot routine for you to use on the golf course. 

I developed the routine I use
about 18 years ago, after spending a day with Dr. David Cook.  The 3 simple phrases he uses to describe the
pre-shot routine are as follows:


 Here’s my attempt to discuss how
I like to use his system. 

 Let’s begin, well, at the
beginning.  You step on the first
tee.  I want you to simply OBSERVE.  How does the hole look?  What is the architecture asking you to
do?  What are your tendencies as a golfer
(Slice? Hook? Pull?) What are your tendencies on the first tee?

I want you to notice the wind,
the largest area of the fairway, the hole location…  I want you to observe the level of the tee

Most importantly, take all the
information in, rather than just grabbing your driver and teeing up randomly.

I want you to really observe on
each and every shot!  Notice the lay of
the land, and the lie of the ball.
Notice where the trouble is, and more importantly, notice where the best
place to put the ball is….  Notice if the
terrain is hard or soft, notice if you feel tight or really free and

This one step will put your mind
in a positive mental frame.  This one
step will set up the rest of the routine!  

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