Practice Swings, Part III

It’s debatable just how
important a practice swing is with the full swing.  I don’t take one with any standard full
shot.  Since I know that a swing is a
swing is a swing, and my full swing with a 7 iron is the same as my full swing
with any other club, and since I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of full
swings….  I really don’t find it
necessary to take a rehearsal swing before I hit my shot. 

 I am fine with someone who does
take a practice swing. 

Now, I’m completely convinced
that rehearsal swings are EXTREMELY important when it comes to any shot that is
less than full, or any shot that has some variety to it.  All
short game shots should most definitely be rehearsed
.  Shots that are from strange lies, or demand
an exaggerated ball flight (high, low, hook, slice) also should be rehearsed…
The answer should be obvious.  Each one
of these shots is different.  The lies,
the trajectories, the distance, etc…  I
want to use the practice swing to learn and prepare. 

 Watch Tiger and Phil on short
shots, especially from serious rough… They take gobs of practice swings!  I’ve seen Tiger take 13!  I’ve seen Phil take 8!  For just one shot! And they are perhaps the
best short game players in the history of the game!!!! (coincidence?)

With specialty shots, use the
practice swing to gauge the lie, to see and feel the shot you are about to
hit.  Use practice swings to build
confidence and gauge your distance.  Use
practice swings to create vivid pictures of exactly what you expect to happen. 

Any of you who have taken short
game lessons with me know that I’m a stickler in this area…. TAKE PRACTICE

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