Practice Swings, Part II

I often cringe when I seegolfers take practice swings on the golf course….  It’s what got me started on this subject acouple of days ago.  On the range it’simportant to rehearse or exaggerate a motion to help you learn faster…  On the course I think the practice swingshould have one of two purposes. 


  1. It mimics moves that you wish to produce in your real swing.  Most golf professionals take partial practice swings, focusing on a small area in their swing they wish to magnify.  Usually, the small practice swing emphasized the impact area of the swing.  Some golf professionals work on the transition of the swing, others on the backswing, and still others go ahead and just take a full swing to feel exactly what they wish to occur when they strike the ball…. 


*Most importantly, the practiceswing should enhance what you want to have happen in your swing, not what youdon’t want to happen!  Yup, far toooften I see golfers take practice swings that pretty much teach them to lift up andslap at the ball with their hands and arms…The worst of the worst is when golfers take practice swings with thefocus of KEEPING THEIR HEADS DOWN.  It’sthe most destructive thing I see on the course.This rehearsal completely destroys rotational motion of the body and allbut guarantees a bad golf swing!!!!  Thisrehearsal swing also cuts off one of the most important parts of the swing:  THE FOLLOWTHRU!!!!  


  1. If practice swings on the course aren’t mimicking what you want to happen, they should be exaggerating what you want to happen.  I call it “feel it and forget it” , and you can read more about it in a previous blog! 


Bottom line:  Make sure your practice swings are making youbetter!  Please, please don’t focus onkeeping your head down!  Please, pleaselet your body and arms flow into the followthru!

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