Pre-shot Waggle and THE HEAVE

Dr. Losek asked a great question:

“In regards to muscular movement of the club with the arms, I am curious to know your thoughts on the pre-shot waggle of Brandt Snedeker. Just before his backswing he will turn his hips without moving his arms. Is he setting the stage to move his arms with his core? He also appears to be one of the few pros who plays fast.”

First of all, we should definitely give 2 thumbs up for Brandt’s good pace of play.  It’s refreshing to see.  It’s also important to note that he is NO DOUBT a champion, so speed of play and ability to win are not mutually exclusive!!

As far as the waggle goes….  Yes, in general, the waggles of the pros are helping them to prepare THE HEAVE.  From Gary Player’s forward push of the right knee before takeaway, to Jack’s tightening of the arms and tilting of the head, to VJ’s tiny hand and and arm bump before HEAVE, to Brandt’s fidgety movements….  They are all in preparation to move powerfully. 

Specifically, Brandt’s move is very personal to him, but clearly helps him to toss the tension out of his arms in his swing. 

Object at rest tend to stay at rest.  Objects in motion tend to stay at motion.   That means that the waggles make it easier to HEAVE the club back smoothly. 

*being static before takeaway, especially if the weight of the club is given up to the ground results in a jerking of the club in the takeaway…. As Babu from Seinfeld would say: “That’s very bad, very very bad…..”

Waggles are very personal, and they should be a response to the powerful move you are about to make out to the real target, rather than an effort to do something ‘right’. 

Got a waggle?  Great.  No waggle?  Well, that might be an indication of some other issues stemming from a BAD TARGET PERCEPTION. 

Prepare to THROW!  Most likely, a waggle will emerge…..

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