Path or Face?

I came back from a teaching summit this past week where a question was asked to a panel of ‘teaching experts': 

“If the student is frustrated with a consistent shot pattern that is weak and to the right (for a right handed golfer), what should the teacher work on first- changing the club face, or changing the path of the club? “

4 out of the 6 panelists chose to change the clubface first.  about 90% of the 400 pros in the room agreed….. 

Here’s my take.   OF COURSE YOU CHANGE THE CLUB FACE FIRST!  The golfer is hitting the ball weak right….  They hate to hit it weak right!!!!  In almost every instance, the golfer is swinging the path to the left (leaving the face open) to avoid going right….. 

The very last thing that they want to do is change their path to inside out (swinging toward where the ball is going…).  It’s correct long term, but short term it’s terrifying!

Help the student get the clubface closing and closed through impact.  Work tirelessly with them to teach them the experience of turning the ball to the left.  Anyone who hates to go right should be working tirelessly to over train their swing so the ball HOOKS!!!!

Why?  #1 reason is that it FEELS BETTER!  It’s more powerful.  It’s more physics compliant (design of the club).  It’s more compliant with the physiology of the body (design of the forearms, etc…).  IT’S NOT WEAK RIGHT!!!!!

I feel very strongly about this.  Someone frustrated with hitting the ball short and right should hit THOUSANDS of shots with a HOOK!  You’ll love the feeling, and you’ll learn a better swing. 

Once their predominant shot is hooking (turning to the left), they will very often begin swinging to the right automatically….  And that’s a good thing!

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