Take a Little Off Assertively!

Want to take a little off of a 7 iron?  Feel like a full shot will just carry a bit too far, or roll on a bit too long?  

A major key to success with less than full swings (and this applies to 30-50-70 yard wedge shots as well!) is to stay assertive with your downswing/followthru

Better players can often take a full swing and simply hit a cut shot instead of a draw.  That will usually take a couple yards off the shot, and keep it from running as much. 

Often times, I just feel more comfortable taking an extra club, say a 6 iron, rather than feeling like I have to pure my 7 iron to pull the shot off….

Two big keys to pull this off. 

1.  Minimize or eliminate your weight shift.  Not only is there no need to shift your weight back in the backswing, it can be very harmful on less than full shots (including wedge shots!). 

2.  Stay assertive on your followthru.  You’re taking a bit off the shot by making a slightly smaller “HEAVE” or backswing.  Gravity and rotation will still move the club on a predictable path with acceleration in the ‘thru swing’. 

One of the great mistakes on less than full swings is deceleration! 

**Now, by staying assertive, I DO NOT MEAN SWINGING HARD, especially with the arms and shoulders… I simply mean allowing the accelerating forces of gravity and centrifugal force to work… this will be carried out by a FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH around the forward pivotal axis. 

Train it!  You’ll begin to feel when you pull the arms or decelerate, rather than simply slinging the arms and club through the shot. 

BAM!  You’re better.  Have a great day.

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