The Grip

I often hear people comment on the fact that I talk very little about the grip.  I apologize to those who need confirmation that their grip is fine. 

 My feeling is this.  The grip needs to be functional, not perfect to play great golf.  If I don’t say anything about your grip it’s because I don’t feel it’s a priority.  I may also think that changing your grip early in the learning process will create more tension and take away from more important aspects of developing a better game. 

 In general, here are a couple of things that I look for in a grip.  First, are the hands on the club in a manner which will facilitate a closing club face.  I want the grip to enhance a draw of even a hook for all but the best players in the world.

 After that, I look to see if the hands are strangling the club, or holding the club in preparation to THROW!!!  If the hands are strangling or preparing to lift the club, a change will have to be made.  If the hands, wrists and forearms are tense/tight, it will be difficult to swing freely.  Your fingers should be holding the club similar to the way your fingers hold a baseball when preparing to throw….

 I’ll finish by saying that good training and a correct target perception are far more important than a perfect grip!  Getting on the “tracks to success” will often lead to natural adjustments in your grip, without having to make a conscious change. 

 Don’t grab the club… Prepare to throw the club (without letting go!!!)!!!

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