Put Your Best Swing On The Next One!

One of the most important things I ever learned in golf came from the women I married (and I didn’t marry her because of what she taught me on the golf course!)

I had played golf for over 20 years the same way most all of us play golf…. That is to swing, fix swing, fix swing, fix swing, etc… As soon as I hit a poor shot, I would try to correct poor shot. I didn’t do it with mechanics like so many do, but rather with ball flight. I played athletically, meaning I adjusted my swing to change the ball flight in an attempt to fix my last shot….. Mostly, I played “military golf” once I got into the “fix it” mode. Jeanne-Marie Busuttil (my wife who goes by JM now) began taking lessons from me in 1996. She was the best player at UF and the #1 women collegiate golfer on the east coast at the time. I was super impressed with her impact and didn’t want to make any suggestions until I knew more about her game.   Her swing wasn’t picture perfect, but her impact and ball control was outrageous!!!!

I asked her a question:
“What changes do you make if you hit a shot left?” Her answer helped me change my concept of learning golf!!!! While I was expecting an answer that had a mechanical adjustment, here is what she said:

“I simply put my best swing on the next one…..”

Wow! That’s powerful. Stop fixing your swing! Keep intending to do what you want to do!!!!! It changed my life as a golfer……

Love at first swing?

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