Observational Learning

You never see a comparison of how two different great
shortstops throw a guy out at first base.
You rarely see a slow motion analysis of a quarterback’s mechanics!

 You see, in human motion in general, we allow for individual
differences….  We TRUST in a person’s
vestibular system to seek efficiency of motion.
Runners run differently.  Kickers
kick with their own “style”…. 

Why are we so obsessed with the mechanics of the golf
swing?  I know why (because it’s so damn
difficult) but I still think that it is bass ackwards in terms of learning….

 You’ll so often see OK golfers teaching less than OK golfers
simply because they use observation analysis to teach. 

“Teachers” see a swing and compare it to “great” swings and
try to make that swing look like the “great” swing in their mind.  One big problem is that most of us have
different “great” swings in our mind!!!
We combine them when working “observationally”…..

 Jim Flick (a top 100 teacher for decades) used to jokingly
take the first student that hits the ball in the air as his assistant in
clinics because just about anyone can see
the difference between Ernie Bafutnik and Ernie Els….

I think it’s a terrible way to learn golf!  While it’s helpful to imitate the greats,
it’s more important to understand TARGETS and to build a swing based on physics
rather than POSITIONS!   Anyone can see
the difference between a good swing and a bad swing…. Can anyone teach golf?  (unfortunately, often the answer is yes!)

 Final thought:  I promise
you that Jack never tried to look like Arnie, and Tiger never cared to compare
his swing to Greg, Nick, or even Jack!
They are working on creating their own swing!  They want to make themselves as good as

 Go PLAY GOLF!  Stop
THINKING golf swing!

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