Golf Brings Out The Good

Honesty, self respect and responsibility are part of the
game of golf.  Golf rules are upheld the
way they should be in life, and I like that!

 After Bobby Jones called a penalty on himself and was
lavishly praised in the media, he replied; “You might as well praise me for not breaking into banks”

We’ve seen a couple of vivid examples of what’s not quite
right about other sports lately.  In
baseball, a perfect game was ruined simply because the umpire blew a call in
the 9th inning.  I have no
beef with the ump (he fully owned up to his blown call), nor with Baseball for
upholding the call (for the integrity of the game, ironically)…  I would say that if the base runner were a
golfer, he would have called himself out and ended the game giving a deserved
perfect game to Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers. 

Last week, the U.S.A soccer team was denied a goal due to a
terrible call by the referees.  Again, if
the opposing team were golfers, they would have told the refs that the goal
should count!

Finally, I watched a couple of games of the NBA Finals
(still hoping to see Larry Bird come back on the court!) and was appalled by
the random fouls called and the look of astonishment on players after every
call, good or bad!

One of the many great things about golf is that calling
penalties on oneself is a normal and expected part of the game.   

Yeah,  I like and
respect that….

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