History Quiz

Here’s a golf history quiz: 

If you went.  “Oh yeah,  I get it”…. You passed the quiz.  If you’re befuddled by it- it’s time for a little history lesson via YouTube.  Go to 1 min 23 seconds into this video  and I think you’ll understand the comic strip.

Golfers should know the history of the great tour players, Mr. Rodriguez was certainly one of the greats! 

*I remember my buddy Clint (of the ‘confessions of a former slow golfer’ fame) asking me if anyone could get a way with doing something like this today?  Kind of funny if you think about it.  Can you imagine Camilo Villegas doing a dance like this?  Now that I’m typing this…. I guess Camilo has come the closest to something like this in a long time with his “spiderman” routine!

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