Rice Planter’s Amateur

Here at Snee Farm CC we begin the Rice Planter’s Amateur Tournament.  Close to 100 of the best amateurs play a 4 day event and there is no doubt that these guys can play! 

Even though the course is closed for the tournament, it’s still at great week to improve your game by coming out to watch!  Here’s how:  Pay very close attention to how they TURN THROUGH each and every shot they hit.  Every golfer, regardless of age or gender can see improvement if they improve their turn through the golf ball.  On full swings, I call this a FULLY ROTATIONAL BALANCED FINISH.

“Good players don’t turn because they are young,  or because they are flexible, or because they are strong…..   they turn in order to hit good shots!!!!  YOU CAN TOO”

So get past the excuse that you’re too old to turn, too weak to turn, or too tight to turn….  Sure you won’t turn as fully as the young bucks teeing it up this week,  but YOU CAN TURN ENOUGH TO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR GAME!

Pay attention to three critical elements in a good golfers followthru: 

1.  They have all their weight on the forward leg.  There is no hanging back on the back leg or foot. 

2.  They are fully turned.  Their belt buckles are turned left of the target at the end of the golf swing….  If you have little tension in your legs, you’ll find you can do this quite easily as well.  

3.  They are relaxed or composed.  Watch how composed the golfers are on most of their golf swings….  They are relaxed enough to remain balanced on one leg after pounding a 300 yard drive….  They are composed enough to hold this position for several seconds….  with ease. 

This is why they generate CONSISTENCY AND POWER in the golf swing.  By turning consistently into a full finish,  they create maximum power (which is connected foot pounds at impact, not just club head speed) and also create a predictable circular path with the golf club. 

Most important….  YOU CAN TOO if you make improving your balance the number 1 priority!!! 

Now go play golf!  Best,

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