Greatness Chokes Me

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Since I did a Moe Norman presentation last nite, it seems fitting to use one of his quotes today.  When asked about if he visualizes every shot he hits, he replies,

“See it?  I don’t just see it.  I taste it.  I taste it.  Purity of technique is choking me.  Ooohhhh…. Like this, like this.  I’m tasting this shot.”  He then proceeds to swing and finishes with, “See, perfect every time!”

Make a decision to see and feel great shots, both on the range and on the course.  Golf, because of its difficulty, tends to drag us down into negative thoughts and images…. I understand that all too well.  Fortunately thoughts are a choice.  You can choose to visualize what you want.  You can choose to think as you please.  Really see great impact and perfect outcomes, and your body will begin to comply with those thoughts and images.  BELIEVE!

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