Feel It, and Forget it!

When you get on the golf course, you should be PLAYING GOLF, not THINKING golf swing.  The best way to do this is through high quality, consistent and systematic training.  One of the goals of good training should be to put the golf swing on “automatic”.

Many of you know me well enough to know that I am a big believer in training.  I also understand that golf is a game to be played, and many of you are either too busy, or just don’t really want to put extra time into good training….  I get it. 
Not practicing doesn’t mean you have to give up trying to get better!!!
If you want to make a change in your swing, but don’t get the chance, or make the time to practice, here’s a great way to bring it to the course…. It’s so good, that even if you do practice a lot, you can use this to make the transformation from thinking to playing that much easier!  
I call it:  “FEEL IT AND FORGET IT”.  I adapted the line from the Ronco rotisserie infomercial that I think most of you remember (if not, just click on that link and chuckle!).  
Feel it and forget it is a method of rehearsal before you play a shot.  I truly believe we can all play better golf if we PLAY GOLF by swinging freely out to the real target.  I want you to swing with the freedom you have when you throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, kick a soccer ball, or just throw a piece of paper into the trash can, or toss your keys onto the counter.  You have a target and you react to that target.  THE END.  
To change your swing faster without THINKING GOLF swing while you play, OVER FEEL what you want to change in your rehearsal swing…..  Let’s say that you tend to slice the ball on the course.   Well,  the FEEL IT part of the routine would be to take several small practice swings really over rotating the forearms allowing the club face to massively close through the impact zone.   Once completed, you FORGET IT, and simply set up to the TARGET and swing freely and into BALANCE.  
Got it?  Let’s try another.  You really struggling with your follow through.  You seem to stop at the ball and not use your body’s turn in your swing.   The FEEL IT part of training would be a MASSIVE FOLLOW THROUGH 3 or 4 times, really stretching it out before you hit your shot….  After you’ve over trained what you want, simply FORGET IT!  Set up to your TARGET, and swing freely into BALANCE.  
Many tour pros have used this method for years and years.   I watched Corey Pavin take a pronounced outside in practice swing for over a decade before every shot to help him from swinging too much from the inside…. I have watched Mike Weir take a deliberate and “straight back” rehearsal move to ‘position 1′ for years to keep him from getting too quick and inside on his swing…. 
We’ve all seen baseball players in the on deck circle really over train with their rehearsal swings!  They feel a massively up to down motion while on deck, only to FORGET IT and swing freely and somewhat level in their real swings!  
Great stuff!  I hope you use it.  

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