I started practicing my pitch and chips shots about a week ago…  You see I noticed that my short game was costing me a stroke or two per round then deduced that I had been slacking in my short game practice….

My contact is now more solid and the trajectory and distance control seems to improve every day that I play.  Coincidence?  
My true confession is that I had gotten away from my ONE ARM gravity golf training!  I used an aching right shoulder as an excuse not to train with one arm drills…. That was 8 months ago!!!!  Although I’ve been training consistently with other GRAVITY DRILLS,  the ones that are most effective, I’ve been avoiding….
So when I give you a hard time about not training enough with the GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS,  Know that I am a “sinner” amongst you.  
About 3 days ago I began ONE ARM training and I can already see a difference in my consistency on the course!   Wish I could say I’m surprised!!!!!
Question:  I now notice that my shots from 80-120 yards have been less sharp than back in April….  I also know that back then I was training 2-3 times per week specifically on those shots.   I’m just wondering what I should do about it? (is that too sarcastic? Or is it just enough to make a point?)

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