Watching golf

There’s a rain delay at the Colonial right now.  Bummer.  Fun to watch these guys play fantastic golf!!!  Give them a great course, with great conditions and it really shows just how good they are!  And how incredible they can putt!!!

Earlier today I took a tour of Charleston with the family on THE THRILLER !   A touring speed boat that was really a fun way to see the area from the harbor.  Two thumbs up!!!
Back to golf.  Cory Pavin was impressive this week, one of the last of the great feisty golfers that really works his way around a course with a multitude of shots…..
How about Bryce Molder’s swing?  I believe he’s got GRAVITY on his side!!!   My students need to check him out and see if you can see the elements of his golf swing!
*He is not a Gravity putter.  Very linear.  (very, very good as well)

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