What I really love to do is help others enjoy the game and play better golf shots.  While I completely understand that many golfers don’t like to practice or convince themselves they don’t have time to practice, to expect improvement from a lesson without practice is a bit of a stretch.   Let me give you an example:  Playing golf can be compared to a pianist playing a concert.  No matter how much mechanical information a pianist had, no matter how much they loved playing concerts… it would be silly to think one could play effectively without practice.

Can you imagine a “high handicapped” pianist who doesn’t practice
expecting a tip about his hand position, or posture to make the
difference in his performance?

I’ve spent many years designing training sessions built for EFFICIENCY! By that I mean I want you to get the most out of every moment you train, simply because we are all busy, and the more quality you can get from your training, the better.  I absolutely believe in practice, I am convinced that it is clear, systematic and consistent training that has the greatest potential to improve one’s skills.  Here are some simple thoughts for simple training:

*Practice improving the short shots that cost you strokes during your last round!!!! Pitches, chips, bunkers, or maybe lag putting…  By spending simply 15 minutes on a particular shot, you may develop some confidence for your next round

*Spend 5-10 minutes just 2-3 times per week on 3 foot straight putts!  This is the simplest, most efficient way to improve your stroke.

*Hit some 9 irons off a tee with the thought of swinging smoothly and into BALANCE!  20 swings in BALANCE with a 9 iron and a tee will likely do more for your swing than several hours of practice struggling with your long irons and woods!

These simple techniques can help you play more consistently and take very little time.  If you’re interested in seeing real improvement, find the time to get in some quality training!  If improvement becomes a goal, LET’S TALK!  I’ll show you THE BEST TRAINING METHODS FOR GUARANTEED IMPROVEMENT!


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