The Target Creates The Swing, Part II


There are 5  basic targets in golf….   4 of them are ABSOLUTELY wrong.  99.9% of golfers unfortunately choose several of the 4 bad targets for every swing they make!

Let’s look at 1 bad target:   THE BALL.  The great instinct in golf is to set up to the ball, and attempt to strike it.  take a look at this video and really watch his third swing (from the face on view).   You’ll clearly see his intent to strike at!  : First Golf Swings
  It’s the very reason that most great athletes fall flat when they take up the game of golf.  Athletes in general can jump from sport to sport pretty easily.  Just ask any jock the sports they played growing up… .Very rarely were they good at just one… They were studs in every sport they played!  Then there’s golf!

Take a look at Ozzie Smith swing a golf club.  You can see he is not fluid like you would expect a professional athlete to be (especially one as talented as Ozzie Smith!):

The reason is simple.   THE BALL is the wrong target.  It’s absolutely wrong and makes playing this game much more difficult than it needs to be.  Any attempt to strike at the ball creates a swing that has little relationship to the real target!  We can’t deal with two targets very well…. .Just think what it would look like if a basketball player tried to bounce pass to his right and at the same time also tried to shoot a basket!!!!  Sound crazy?  Welcome to golf!
You can’t “throw” the arms and club out to the real target (in a circular motion) AND swing at the ball….  It’s physically impossible and yet that’s what golfers constantly try to do!!!! No wonder they are in search of elusive swing mechanics!!!!
Understand this:  THE BALL GETS IN THE WAY OF THE SWING!  You throw, and the ball get’s in the way and is sent out to the target!
Jack said it this way:   “I swing and the ball simply gets in the way.”
Fred Couples looks as though the ball is velcro-ed to the clubface and he simply leans back and throws the club and ball out to the target…. take a look:

There is NO HIT in that swing!  Because he has no concept of HIT!

Regardless of results, keep throwing the club out to the target (in a circle around the body)….  Let the body figure out how to be more consistent at throwing on the right path!!!!  TRUST THE REAL TARGET.


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