Ladies Driver Drill

Just finished the first semester of the Ladies Driver Drill Club.  I thought it went great!  As an observation, I would say that the ladies in general were much more fearful of the drills.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, they struggled more than the men (in general) in the crossfooted  and transfer drill.  It seemed more difficult for them to let themselves experiment and experience regardless of results…

I‘m curious as to why?….  Less athletic experience?  More nervous about making mistakes?  Something I’m not thinking about?  Love to hear your feedback as it will help me as a teacher.  
The drills are difficult, but most golfers end up doing better in the drills than in their regular swing.  I’d say that was true for only 2 of the 8 ladies in the class.   
Now having said that, it was quite evident that just about every one of them bombed it in their regular swings!!!!  I mean it was just awesome to watch!  My hope is that the DRIVER DRILL simplified the swing for them, and freed them up!  
The biggest victory for me?  Seeing them to turn into a FULLY ROTATED, RELAXED BALANCED FINISH!  Keep turning ladies! Great Job.  

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