Gravity golf is a defining name, assigned by David Lee, one of golf’s foremost instructors and swing technologists, to the style of golf swing employed by a number of the world’s finest players.  According to Lee, there are at least four different ways to execute a golf swing from the standpoint of energy origins within the body.  The swing may be powered with a “centrifugal flip” (Bobby Jones), or a pure “shoulder rake” (Arnold Palmer).  It may be powered by a “gravity aided rotary “sling,” exemplified by such great modern day players as Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, and Freddie Couples .  Or, it may be powered by a “combination” technique, using a rotary sling and a racquetball type forearm “lash” (Ben Hogan).

Although all of the above techniques have produced superb players, the pure “GRAVITY” swing is the only one of the four which doesn’t turn at least some energy back into the body  during its execution (which causes swing-path movement and off-line shots), thus making it the most compliant technique with the laws of motion. The Gravity swing allows one to play to the most advanced age without losing distance or control!

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