Winter Golf is Weakness Exposing

The great news is that the weather has been great this year for winter golf!  Compared to last year, most of us have way more golf in late 2011 and early 2012….  Isn’t that fantastic?

Except for the fact that I’ve heard several people grumbling about giving up the game this past week…. 

Tis the season. 

Let me explain: 

We are now deep into the winter months.  The weather’s been great, but even still most of us aren’t playing and practicing quite like we do in the spring summer months….  That has a small effect on your game….

The winter’s been great, but the temps here in New Bern, NC haven’t been in the mid 70’s. I’m not complaining!  55-65 degree days have been the norm and that’s awesome for the winter!!!!  HURRAY! 

Except for the fact that those temperatures are cool enough (especially if you start in the a.m. when the temps are mid ci….) for the ball to fly shorter distances, and the clothes you are wearing to tighten up your turn.   Even at 60 degrees, golfers are not sweating and really loosey goosey.  This has a larger effect on the game.  One that can’t be dismissed. 

But the above reasons aren’t the primary cause of the winter golf blues…..  

The course conditions really magnify any technical flaws in a swing. Winter course conditions expose any weakness in IMPACT SKILLS.  Very few courses overseed even the fairways these days…..  Almost no courses overseed wall to wall in the winter any more.  That means we are playing on thin, dormant grass.  Hard to get the ball to sit up at all in the fairway, and the rough around the greens…..  Forget about it!!!  In most cases, the ball is simply sitting on dirt.  In our case at Carolina Colours Golf club, the ball is often sitting on wet ground, dear I say m_^? (no, can’t say it!).

If your skills of impact aren’t high, your game may seem like it’s completely gone.  A quarter inch of cushion under your ball can really make that much difference! 

So what can you do? 

1.  Make gosh darn darn sure you are PREFERRING YOUR LIE in the fairway!  Spend time to find the nicest lie you can!  We are playing winter rules…. USE THEM! 

2.  Putt a lot more around the greens.  Impact with a lofted club is just too dicey for most golfers.  You’ll do better putting it through rough, etc…. in many cases. 

3.  If not a putt, use a 5 iron, 7 iron, or 8 iron to bump and run the ball onto the green. 

4.  Use strategy.  Do your best to position yourself so that you do not have to hit delicate shots over bunkers from the rough…..  

5.  Because #4 is way easier said than done,  if you are behind the bunker on a tight lie…. forget about the pin, try to move the ball to the fat of the green, or even just back in play….  Maybe even say a little prayer, cause these shots are just super tough! 

6.  Change your expectations.  It’s winter golf for Bobby Jones sake…..  If you are not going to train enough, if your skills just aren’t high enough….  just enjoy the wonderful winter weather!!!!  Have fun, work on your balance, take plenty of extra club, etc……

Winter golf is weakness exposing.  As you continue to train in the gravity drills…., as you continue to improve your skills of impact…, winter golf will effect you less and less!  Keep the faith!  Keep training! 

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