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I’ve been fortunate over the years to have been exposed to a lot of great teachers.  I have tremendous respect for many of the greats, including Harvey Penick, Ernest Jones, Percy Boomer, John Jacobs, Jim Hardy, Jim Mclean, Rick Smith, Fred Shoemaker, Tim Gallwey, Dave Pelz,  Butch Harmon and David Ledbetter to name just a few.  Some for their content, others for their passion, still others for their ability to communicate.  Mike Hebron is a genius in the field of teaching, and his books and seminars are probably most responsible for putting me on the path to meeting the best of them all…

I was introduced to David Lee’s “Gravity Golf ” in 1996.  He had a video tape series that I was hell bent on discrediting!  I reluctantly watched his videos only to be transformed as a teacher!
David Lee is brilliant, a great communicator, passionate, and most importantly, correct!  His understanding of physics, physiology, and neurology as it pertains to motor sports and specifically golf are fascinating and illuminating!  He confirmed my distrust of traditional golf instruction (mechanics) and really put ATHLETIC GOLF on a whole new path!
I studied his book and tapes for years, as well as putting them to the test with my own game and with my students….. In 2003 I met David, and we’ve been fast friends ever since.  My respect for him has grown, and I am more confident than ever in the principles of “Gravity Golf”.
Most of you know that I teach “Gravity Golf”.  I think I’m pretty good at it (if I do say so myself!)….  I think David is better!!!  Let me know if you want to read his book, or watch his DVD!  I’ve got them, or check out his webpage:  Gravity Golf
You can also get a glimpse of the man here:

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