The Target Creates The Swing Part I

I was told to attempt “short and simple”…..  Simple I can handle… Short, well, I’ll do my best!

The target creates the swing.  It’s the philosophy behind ATHLETIC GOLF.  It means that if you are truly trying to move a ball out to your target in a “throwing” motion, the golf swing can develop or create itself…   
It also means that if you have a bad target, you will create a bad swing.  
I’ll be blunt.  Pretty much every golfer (including me) learned this game with one, two, or several bad targets….  It’s why pretty much every golfer constantly struggles with their swing!  With the correct target, golf is difficult. With the wrong targets, it’s close to total chaos!!!
Without a total change in your target perceptions, most likely your golf swing will never change.  I know that sounds harsh, but look at it honestly.  Most golfers pretty much never change….  Even after lessons, they tend to fall back into the same old “habits” they had before. 
The reason is that bad target perceptions pull a golfer back towards their old golf swing….  
Intend to throw the arms and club through the ball and towards the target (this must be a circular motion that I’ll discuss later).  With a “throw” intention, you’ll develop most if not all of the natural athletic motions inherent in a throw…. WONDERFUL!  
How’s that for short?  I feel like I’m leaving you hanging big time by stopping this post now….  Guess you’ll have to wait for part II!  

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