Move It With Your Turn!

First,let me define the followthru.  It is a ROTATIONAL move around the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS.  It should only begin after the heave and when the weight has fully fallen back into the left heel AND the body is well into the COUNTERFALL.

The FOLLOWTHRU is the unleashing of all the energy produced in a swing.


A proper FOLLOWTHRU is FULLY ROTATED,  RELAXED in the arms and shoulders, AND WELL BALANCED at the very end of the swing.

The reason you hear me say it so often is because the INSTINCT TO STRIKE AT THE BALL is so strong,  the arms fire at the ball, rather than being slung by the followthru! 

Itis EXTREMELY difficult to not use your arms in a golf swing, yet bydefinition, as soon as you use your arms, it is no longer a SWING (it’sa hit and will be thrown off path demanding a compensation).

By saying “HIT IT WITH YOUR FOLLOWTHRU” over and over and over, I’m hoping that you continue to experiment with getting more and more TENSION out of your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders andback.  My hope is that you let yourself get completely into the LEFT PIVOTAL AXIS and begin the COUNTERFALL before you begin your thruswing.

LITERALLY, THE GRAVITY GOLFER moves the ball with THEIR FOLLOWTHRU!  The arms and the club are an extension of the left pivotal axis and are slung by it on a predictable path.

I think it is easiest to see in VJ SINGH.  You tube him and watch some swings (never in SLOW MOTION!).  I think you’ll begin to see how his arms are being slung by his turn.


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