Which Drills, and for How Long?

I often get asked which drills should someone do to improve.

The answer:  “WHICHEVER GRAVITY DRILLS YOU KNOW!”  It’s simple.  Master each GRAVITY drill you know.  If you know 2 drills, master those two, and hopefully show up and learn more GRAVITY drills…  If you know 8, master all 8!
It’s that simple.  Each drill is working on a more efficient golf swing.  All drills will make your finished product (a regular golf swing) better…..
How long should you train in the drills?  At least until they are mastered.  I would say a minimum of 5-10 years.  As for me, I’ve been doing the drills for 14 years, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!  Why?  Because I’ve never hit the ball as well as I do now, and I never want to go back to the old ways of playing golf where I was constantly finding and losing my golf swing every few weeks….  
The drills are LIFE TIME drills.  At least if you want to see serious positive change in your game.  

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