Who’s got Gravity?

So what do I look for in a swing?  I look for GRAVITY!  Listen, there are many ways to power a golf club but most employ upper body and arm muscle that will always throw the club off path and demand compensations on every swing.   There have been great players that use upper body and arm muscle (Arnold Palmer is the most notable) to play this game.  You’ll always be able to find golfers who are a little better than you are that fall all over the place, but somehow manage to get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes than you do….

More power to them!
But if you want my opinion about learning and playing this game….  I want to see GRAVITY!  I want the arms being slung by the rotation of the forward pivotal axis (front leg).  I want to see soft arms at the end of the golf swing!!!  I’m interested in helping others create a swing that is MOST efficient.  A swing that has the best chance of repeating itself….
Typically,  great athletes have tremendous desire, incredible physical skills, and better than average form.  Often, their desire and physical skills allow them to compete even if their technique isn’t the most efficient possible.
Then their are the elites….  Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Manny Ramirez, Freddy Couples, etc….   These athletes have desire, skill, AND the most efficient technique possible.
It’s incredibly subtle to see physics being used in sport, but I think you would all agree that these athletes have an apparent “smoothness” to their motion that surpasses even the other top level athletes.
Physics is available to all of us.  My hope is that as a golfer, you train in a manner that helps you use more and more GRAVITY, and less and less upper body force!
Can you see the difference in these two swings?   Which one do you think you could control more?

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