A Swing is a Swing….

If the arms are swinging…. Then gravity and centrifugal force can keep the club on path.

A swing is a swing.

A muscular movement of the club with the arms is not a swing….

A lifting into the backswing is not a swing…..

Getting quick from the top is not a swing…..

Striking at the ball is not a swing….

Being in anything less than a fully rotated, relaxed balanced finish is an indication that you did not swing.

I recommend an obsession with a swing!

Here’s the recipe:

HEAVE the tension out of the arms
ALLOW your body to fall naturally into the forward pivotal axis.
ALLOW gravity and full rotation around the pivotal axis to sling the club on a predictable path.
NOTICE on every swing how you finished.  Fully turned?  Relaxed arms and shoulders? Solidly balanced on the forward leg? 

Repeat in omne tempus

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