What If We All Played Faster?

What if every golfers decided right now that they played too slow?  What if we all sped up a little? I’ve posted part II of Clint’s story concerning slow play. 

He has some fantastic suggestions as to how golf should be played in terms of ‘MOVING around a golf course’. 

Something else you should know about Clint.  He has a great time!  He doesn’t just focus on running around a course.  He’s a fantastic story teller, LOVES to talk (and he’s fascinating to listen to!) about golf, golf, golf and anything else you want to bring up…. Considering it takes about 25-50 minutes to hit all your shots in a round of golf (pre shot to completion of swing), that still leaves a fast golfer 1-3 hours to TALK, LAUGH, AND LISTEN! You just need to talk like the cast of ‘The West Wing’…  Always while moving!  Enjoy. 

  Confessions from a Former Slow Golfer, part II

By Clint

After the shock of the initial conversation with slow play accusations, and after that first round, I really tried to do something about it, and did. Within just a few rounds, I had not only become quick, but downright speedy.

My primary motivation was simply that I absolutely despised the idea of being slow.  It’s insulting.  It’s embarrassing.

There are a bunch of things that I consciously do that have greatly improved my speed of play.  Maybe some of these suggestions can help others as well:

  • When possible, I start my pre shot routine just before a playing partner has hit his/her shot.

Times when this is possible would be when I’m on the opposite of the fairway from a playing partner, and thus I’m not in his line of play or line of vision.  When I see the partner doing his final waggle, I’m already behind my ball, picking out the line.  When my partner is at impact, I’m stepping into my address position.  Doing this literally helps me hit my shot within a few seconds of my playing partner. 

  • If riding a cart, I don’t generally wait at my playing partner ball while he hits his shot.  I usually leave the cart with him, take my clubs, and hike it to my ball.

  • As I usually leave my playing partner with the golf cart in the fairway, I usually will walk down the fairway after hitting my shot. 

This saves the time of walking laterally across the fairway back to the cart.  My partner can just pick me up en route to the green.

  • I take a lot of clubs with me when I leave the golf cart, if I’m not sure which one I’ll use. 

Sometimes this is 4 or 5 clubs.  Sometimes it’s even the entire bag, if I really don’t have a clue what kind of shot I’m going to need to play.

  • I park the golf cart so it’s ready for a quick getaway, and on the way to the next shot. 

For example, I’ll leave the cart several yards in front of the tee box, facing the hole.  If I’m at the green, I’ll park the cart on the way to the next tee box, or even at the next tee, if the tees are close to the green.

  • I have a strong desire to play as efficiently as possible. I have a strong desire to never be the guy that slows up others, in my group, or in the groups behind me!

And to be honest, most times I play I am challenging myself to see how fast I can get the round done. If I’m going to be out on the course for 4 hours, why not try to play 27 holes, instead of 18?  I like the idea of walking 18 holes in less than 3 hours.  I like the idea of play 18 holes with a cart in less than 2.5 hours.

My fastest time, with a playing partner, with a cart, is 1 hour and 51 minutes on a regulation par 72 course.  I’ve also walked 36 holes in about 5 and 1/2 hours.

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