Let’s Keep the Discussion Going….

Charlie Rymer is a retired PGA Touring Professional who is now an commentator/analyst on the Golf Channel.  He recently wrote a lighthearted post about changes in the rules of golf entitled, “Would You Play by These Rules?”, and I got a chuckle as I read them.  His focus was on simplifying the rules.  FIVE. That’s it. 

What got my attention was his thoughts at the beginning about speed of play, and his final words about the game of golf. 

“All golfers shall play 18 holes in 3 hours. No exceptions.  Slow players will be asked to skip holes or leave the course.” -C.R.

He is clearly as frustrated as the rest of us when it comes to speed of play… One of his remedies is to shorten courses and enlarge the golf hole….  (I understand where he is coming from with these suggestions, but would hope it was not necessary.  I do think there might be a market for courses like this!)

He finishes his article with these words:  “Play fast.  Have fun.”*

I could not agree more with that last statement. 

*Did he steal that from my blog?  Oh, nuts.  I just checked and he posted his article about 15 hours before mine.  Maybe he’s played in one of my tournaments and thought my phrase was catchy…. In that case- I give him my blessing…..

P.S.  And once again, even a lighthearted post about speed of play created an out of control discussion in the comment section. It descended into a negative spiral of blame and hate….  Ugly. 

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