Play Fast, Have Fun

Most of my members recognize the title of this post.  I say it before I send off the LGA, MGA, and pretty much every tournament at my golf course. 


This post idea came from reading an article on the PGA Tour web site.  It was a nice article about how Paul Tesori, a tour caddie who once played on tour himself, made such a big difference in Webb Simpson’s career. 

Golf articles, in general (unless discussing Tiger Woods) are almost always positive.  Unlike other sports and in politics, where every article descends into a childish name calling fest in the comment section below, golf pretty much stays above the fray…

that’s why I was inspired to write about slow play today.  I talk about it a lot.  I KNOW it’s a big problem for golf.  A significant percentage of people do not play golf, or limit their golf because of slow play…. A percentage in the high 90’s is unhappy when they get behind slow groups…..

Back to the nice article about Webb and Paul.  The comments were not typical comments you find after a golf article about a PGA tour player… Usually, most comments are from fans agreeing with the article, or wishing their players luck and success through the season… It’s actually pretty refreshing after reading the moronic statements posted after pretty much every Red Sox article on their web site (especially once a Yankee fan logs on….).

These comments were slamming Webb, Paul and the whole tour on SLOW PLAY! 

If even the nicest of fans turn negative, harsh, even vicious in their word, something is very wrong….  More so if the article had next to NOTHING to do with slow play. 

Slow play is such a bad subject in the game today, even an article highlighting the success of a young golfer with his experienced caddie can turn sour.  It’s a sure sign things need to change. 

Play fast.  Have fun.  And make sure YOU, yes YOU, can never be accused of slow play.  It’s the scarlet letter in golf. 

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