The Timing of THE HEAVE

THE HEAVE:  A.K.A., The takeaway.  The heave is a powerful move from the back that throws the tension out of the arms with sufficient force to sustain a swing. 

By creating a swinging motion early in the swing, you give yourself the opportunity to use the laws of physics to create power and consistency in the golf swing.  The HEAVE is evident in almost every great golfer’s swing……  Slow and muscular movement into the backswing is evident in almost everyone else’s golf swing…. 

The term HEAVE was first used to refer to the takeaway by David Lee, founder of the Gravity Golf Swing.  Over the last 30+ years, David has also developed a system of training that allows the body to feel and develop a swing based on physics, rather than the lift and strike method 99.9% of golfers instinctively develop. 

Learning to NOT use your arms in the backswing is extremely difficult from a normal set up position.  The tendency is to use arm muscle to move or pull the arms back into the backswing….  The beginning of the swing should be from the core (back), and those powerful muscles should ‘throw’ the arms into a swinging motion… 

In the drills, specifically the FRONT ROUTE DRILL, you can rid yourself of the old habit of using the arms to move the arms!!!!  It takes understanding, time and repetition, but it can and will happen. 

I get asked often about the HEAVE and it’s roll in the FRONT ROUTE DRILL.  If you can’t visualize the FRONT ROUTE DRILL, please click on the link and watch. 

Mike sent me a question about the timing of the HEAVE in the FRONT ROUTE DRILL…. The FRONT ROUTE DRILL does many things for a golfer.  It helps rid you of the instinct to strike at the ball, it really helps improve a golfers equilibrium throughout the swing… But most importantly, it develops a core takeaway.  Remember, the HEAVE is not an arm movement… The HEAVE is a powerful move from the core.  In the FRONT ROUTE DRILL, the heave begins from the core, as it turns into the backswing.  Once you have finished the forward movement of the club and are ready to move the arms and club into the backswing, that is when the HEAVE begins.  This drill takes the arms out of the backswing…  It is in it’s essence a core turn drill, or a HEAVE drill.  Once you begin the powerful turn into the backswing in the drill, or in your regular swing, you can simply let momentum carry the arms, shoulders, and back to the finish of the backswing… It will float there on it’s own accord. 

The most important thing to remember is that the HEAVE begins the backswing.  Your core can and should be the driver of the swing.  When done correctly, the arms will swing with gravity and rotation on a more predictable path, time and time again! 

*Final thought:  Great timing on this question, Mike.  All my students should be practicing hundreds of FRONT ROUTES a week in the winter!  It is a top priority to get the core moving in colder weather! 

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