Free Week!

The week between Christmas and New Year is a great week to just go brain dead.  For many of us, it’s either a short work week, a week off, or simply not a very busy week at all…..  That’s great!

Use it to reboot the system. 

Take the week off from practicing golf.  Or take the week to play with no expectations at all! 

The key is to give the brain a rest, so you can get FIRED UP about golf in 2012!!!  I find that if I relax a bit for a couple of days after Christmas….by the end of the week, I get all fired up about planning great stuff for the new year. 

And as you can tell, I practice what I preach, cause I’ve got nothing else to write about!  My brain is in ‘sleep mode’ (I can hear my brother making a crack about me ALWAYS being in sleep mode….)


Enjoy the week. 

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