You Have Not ‘Lost It’….

From mid November thru sometime in February I hear golfers tell me that their game is gone….. 

  • “Worst game ever.”
  • “I have no idea how to play anymore….”
  • “I’ve completely lost it!”


On another day, I’ll write an article about the mental pitfalls of the above comments, but for now, let me just assure you that you have not lost ‘it’. 

You are simply not swinging with the laws of physics at the moment!  Your instincts are to lift, strike and steer…..  The colder weather restricts your turn….  and most likely, you have not been practicing as much and IN THE GRAVITY DRILLS as you were over the summer…. 

Basically, as Dr. Rick Jensen says so eloquently, “You’ve just gotten bad.”

The great news is that you are reading this blog!  The great news is that you understand THE GRAVITY GOLF SWING and how it works. 

If you are not hitting the ball well,  you KNOW that you are using your arms too much!  You KNOW that you are probably steering or striking (or both) and that will always cause the club path to be bumped off line….. 

You also KNOW how to get your swing back!   Get on the range and in the DRILLS!  HEAVE the tension out of the arms….  Let GRAVITY AND ROTATION create path integrity.  Allow the ball to get in the way of the swing!!!   Really work on Balance, core turn, and impact with the short shots! 

You no longer have the golfers age old excuse of ‘confusion’.  You are the few who KNOW. 

If you won’t get to the range (and I understand.  The weather is bad, the holidays, etc…..), then take a GRAVITY DRILL practice swing on the course….. 

And if you just aren’t motivated to train in the ‘off season’ because you need time to re-energize for next years training….. Then just try to finish in balance on every swing, enjoy the scenery and the company…. and be AT EASE. 

It’s all good. 

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