Up On The Toes!

Got a great question about the golf swing a couple days ago:

“An observation while watching Tiger win this weekend, at impact Tiger (as well as many accomplished players)  is on his toes (the toes of both the right and left feet), especially when swinging a driver. How can you counterfall when you are on your toes?”

 The counterfall is a critical element of the MOST EFFICIENT golf swing, what I refer to as the GRAVITY SWING.  If a golfer is on his toes, or lifting his/her heels during the impact segment of their swings, then they are clearly NOT COUNTERFALLING….. 

Is this a problem with the theory of GRAVITY GOLF?  After all,  some of the best players in the world, including Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Camilo Villegas, Natalie Gulbis, and even the great Bobby Jones lifted their heels thru impact….

There is no problem with GRAVITY GOLF.  Remember, David Lee suggests that GRAVITY GOLF is the most efficient way to move a golf ball, not the only way.  The heels lifting off the ground is simply an indication of a reaction to a downward force of the arms and shoulders in the swing.  A few great athletes can make this compensation with great consistency and play at the highest level…. 

Having said that, I would also like to add a couple of points.  In many cases, these arm/shoulder players tend to be erratic drivers of the golf ball, …..  Secondly, to play at such high levels with these compensative motions is extremely difficult. 

If you were to go on YouTube and watch Lee Trevino, Freddy Couples, Tom Watson and even Rory McIlroy swing their drivers you would notice that there is NO lifting of the left heel in the impact area….  Coincidentally,  these players are some of the greatest drivers of the golf ball in the history of golf…. 

So the heel lift is a compensating move.  Many great players make it and play just fine.  I don’t recommend it, and I do think it is a VIVID illustration of FORCE and COUNTERFORCE at work!

I’ll end with this:  Tiger rarely if ever lifts his heels while hitting a 7 iron.  He is also one of the best iron players EVER.  

It’s not something to focus on!  If you let the arms fall, and move the arms, club and ball with counterfall and rotation….   you’ll be just fine.

Hope that answers that.  Thanks,

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