3 Priorities for Better Winter Golf, part III

We’ve officially had a couple of ‘Winter days’ up here in New Bern, NC.  Now, our definition of winter is far less severe than that of my friends up in New England, so let’s be clear…..  Playing golf in temperatures under 55 degrees can really have an adverse effect on your golf swing.  As the temperature drops lower, all your swing errors are exaggerated…..  

So, focus on 3 priorities in your golf game this winter!


2.  CORE TURN.  Cold weather tightens up the muscles in the body.  Blood naturally goes away from the extremities in order to protect the vital organs.  We wear extra clothing which further restricts our movements….  The less we turn, the more we use our arms.  This is a recipe for bad golf.  It’s one of the major reasons (that and lack of consistent practice) why almost all golfers play poorly every winter.  

3.  IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS OF IMPACT!  Yes, impact becomes critical in the winter months.  Specifically, impact skills around the green.  As the grasses go dormant, the ball lays closer to the ground.  During the winter months, the ground itself tends to go through extremes of wet and dry, depending on the weather.  This adds up to TOUGHER SHORT SHOTS!  

Make it a priority to work on your skills of impact around the greens.  Spend time every week working on getting your chip and pitch swings to BUMP THE GROUND more consistently in the same place!  

The key here is to let GRAVITY work.  Let the club fall and it will hit the ground every time.  This is a critical element in the short shots.  If the club isn’t hitting the ground every time, then you will really struggle with winter golf.  With very little grass as a buffer, swings that don’t let the club fall to the ground end up being skulled shots, and the results of those are highly unpredictable…..  

Equally important, is allowing the club to hit the ground in the right place! If you hit the ground too soon, the club will stick or bounce depending on the texture of the surface….

It’s a skill, no doubt, but one worth working on all year long.  You should be spending time every week focusing on  your impact with chips and pitches!  I find the best way to do this is with LOTS AND LOTS of PRACTICE SWINGS!   3-10 before every shot!  Yup, 3-10 focusing on letting the club bump the ground in the right location!  Really pay attention to allowing the club to bump the ground at and past where the ball would be on your chip shots.   

Make it a priority to be better at this skill every week, and I have no doubt that you will be a better golfer this winter and beyond!  

3 simple priorities….. BALANCE.  CORE TURN.  YOUR SKILLS OF IMPACT.  Get to it!  

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