3 Priorities for Better Winter Golf, Part II

You can play to your handicap in the winter.  You do not have to play lousy golf along side all the other golfers who suffer through the winter….  Have 3 priorities while you train:

1.  FINISH WITH A FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH (As discussed in the previous blog)

2.  CORE TURN.  Cold weather tightens up the muscles in the body.  Blood naturally goes away from the extremities in order to protect the vital organs.  We wear extra clothing which further restricts our movements….  The less we turn, the more we use our arms.  This is a recipe for bad golf.  It’s one of the major reasons (that and lack of consistent practice) why almost all golfers play poorly every winter. 

*Using the arms to move the arms and club in the golf swing will ALWAYS throw the swing arc off it’s path.  You are doomed to rely on your ability to compensate on EVERY swing you make.
    Good news!  You can train in a manner that will not only help your winter golf, it will show huge dividends come next spring and beyond!!!!  The key is to TRAIN THE CORE WITH GRAVITY DRILLS all winter long. 

**The UPROUTE and/or THE FRONTROUTE drills are by far the best and most important drills to be doing ALL YEAR (I MEAN WINTER) LONG!!!! 

If you train in these drills at least 90% of the time with your full swings, you will play better winter golf, and be training to play great warm weather golf!!! Think of winter training as just that…. Off season training like professional athletes do that make them better when the season begins!  Forget about your regular swing on the range this winter!  TRAIN IN THE GRAVITY DRILLS and BAM! You’re a better golfer. 

To be continued…..

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