3 Priorities for Better Winter Golf, Part I

I feel the urge to send out a reminder on how to play better golf in the cold weather around this time of year…. 

Make these 3 things a PRIORITY in your training throughout the winter months and I know you will take money from your non-gravity golf buddies all throughout the winter!

1.  FINISH WITH A FULLY ROTATED, RELAXED BALANCED FINISH.   I may have mentioned this on before….  It is a pre-requisite for consistent golf all year round, and must be a priority when the cold weather tightens up your golf swing!  ‘Nuf said. 

To be continued……

….Full Disclosure:  I blogged in such a frantic manner for the first few months when I started this site, I’ve written out the bulk of my best stuff already…..  (If you are faily new to my blog, take some time and check out my archives…. There is some great stuff in there!)

That being said, I now rely more and more on your comments and questions!  Since there has been a lull in questions, I’m breaking this blog into 3 parts!  Cheesy, I know

Send me questions, comments, or suggestions!

….And be on the look out for the next 2 priorities! They will have a tremendous impact on your golf game! 

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