My Right Leg

So the knee is improving….  ever so slowly.  I’m able to put a decent amount of weight on it for short periods of time….

It made me think this morning about how I need that knee and leg for my golf swing!

My right leg does not do a whole bunch in the golf swing.  I don’t need it to fire into the golf ball on the down swing.   It doesn’t have to ‘muscle up’ in order to sustain knee flex, or leg angle in my back swing…

It does need stability!  It does need to have the strength to handle all my mass being displaced into it for a short amount of time in the back swing.  It also needs the strength to handle the rotating forces of the upper body after the heave being worked against by the leg and foot being anchored into the ground (my ACL hurts just thinking about a full turn into the backswing…..)

Most importantly, with a strong right leg, I don’t have to think at all about it after set up.  Once it is set,  physiology and physics will automatically do the rest!  With a proper HEAVE into the backswing, the stable right leg will allow the body’s mass to fall seamlessly back into the LEFT PIVOTAL AXIS (left leg). 

You don’t have to ‘DO’ anything with the back leg….  You just need it set up correctly and strong enough to handle the forces of the heave so that the swing can work with GRAVITY AND ROTATION!

Patience……  my right leg will soon be strong again. 

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