So What’s the Big Gap?

I watched a lot of golf last week.  At one point it this question came up, “What can they do that my students can’t do?” (‘THEY’ being President’s Cup professionals)

I began to look at the golf swings in a slightly different way.  
First, let’s take Bubba Watson and Jason Day out of the equation.  I’m honestly not sure yet what Bubba has going on in his swing and Jason, like Camilo Villegas, uses his arm muscles with greater success than most could ever expect….  
But the rest?  
Well, they are certainly extremely talented.  They have tremendous motor patterns which allow them to repeat at a high level of consistency.  They train several hours a day, almost every day with great technique which also sends them to another level of sensitivity and consistency….  
Putting those things aside, there is no reason golfers can’t play with much greater consistency.  Without their dedication and talent, you may not become a +8 hdcp and shoot mid 60’s on a regular basis, but you can certainly play golf in the 70’s, or low 80’s!!!
They are not doing anything that is not possible for most of us!
     *(like say dunking a basketball, or sacking a quarterback or hitting a 88mph slider…..)
They practice their putting more often and with greater precision.  They build a repeatable stroke. That just takes commitment to putting straight 3 foot putts over time.  That takes swinging the arms rather than steering/striking with the putter…. We can all do this.  
They chip with weight firmly on their forward leg.  They swing their arms and use a small turn from the core to move the club.  WE CAN ALL DO THIS!  You can keep your weight on your forward leg!  All pro’s have weight firmly into the forward leg.  Almost all amateurs let weight fall back to the back leg…..  You can fix this and chip better!
Most of the President’s Cup golfers use HEAVE and BALANCE to swing their arms on a predictable path.  You can all do less with your arms and more with your core.  You can all improve your ability to FINISH IN BALANCE!  
So while you play and practice, pay attention to some simple things: 
1.  Do you practice your putting enough?  Do you putt 3 ft straight putts 3-5 times a week?
2.  Do you chip,pitch and bunker with your weight into your forward leg?  At the end of your swing, is the weight even further into the forward side, or has it moved back?  
3. Are you getting the tension out and leaving the tension out of your arms and shoulders throughout the swing? 
4.  Are you finishing in a FULLY ROTATED, RELAXED BALANCED FINISH with great regularity on your FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS?
We both know you can.  It’s up to you to make it a priority.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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