The Journey has Begun

Thanks for all the kind words and support going into my surgery.  I came out of it numbed up, drugged up and ready to heal!  My right knee was in pretty bad shape.  They went in athroscopically (small incision) and were able to stitch up and save my lateral meniscus and at least clean up my the torn edges of my medial meniscus.  Those repairs will make a world of difference once they are healed up in terms of walking, jogging, etc… with no pain!!!

The bigger procedure was replacing my ACL.  They took a bone patellar tendon bone allograph (that’s what they called it!? It’s a graph from a cadaver…Cool.) and inserted it through two drill holes…. First through the tibial tunnel, then through the femoral tunnel (basically, they slipped it through two holes that they drilled in my bones!) and it was attached with some really cool ‘bio bone’ screws….  
In the end, the knee should be better than ever once my rehab is finished up.  When I’m fully recovered from the ACL replacement, I should be able to be fully active in terms of GOLF, TENNIS, HIKING, etc…. I can’t wait! (oh yeah… PATIENCE….I can wait….)

I was blown away by the doctors, nurses, and staff at the Duke hospital.  I was amazed at how well they managed my pain (slightly bummed out that I didn’t need more brain altering drugs- you know, just for kicks…).  It was an experience in EXCELLENCE!

Now, I’m resting and beginning rehab.  It’s a long road ahead, but I’m fired up!  I’m considering it a challenge just like improving my golf game.  Here’s a great quote:  

I’m starting NOW!  I hope you are as well.  Make a goal to improve your putting, or your chipping, or to become fully trained in the GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS.  Next, create a workable plan and get started!  I know this rehab will teach me a ton about patience and persistence… Improving the golf game takes consistent and systematic training OVER TIME!  Let’s both get better. 

Need some guidance?  Send me a comment or email and I’ll be happy to get you on track! 

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