The Other Arm is for Waving off Potential Victims!

You’ve got to have a sense of humor to do the GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS, no doubt….

Let’s take a look at this question:

“What I wanted to ask is how long does it take to become proficient at the one armed drills. The first time I tried others on the range left for the putting green….”

I chuckle, because I can relate!  I was so bad at first, I made a big effort to practice at times when no one was on the range. 

I think it’s realistic to look at the one arm drills in one of two ways…. 

1.  If you have the time and dedication, hits hundreds and hundreds over the next 6 weeks.  Make that thousands.  Basically, spend 80-100% of your time on the range (3-5 times a week) hitting one arm shots.  That’s the approach I took after spending 3 days with David Lee.  He said to me; “Pete, get good at one arm swings… It will change your life.”  As usual, he was right. 

It was difficult, embarrassing, slightly painful, and UNBELIEVABLY REWARDING!

2.  The second approach is the long term approach.  It’s doing 10-20 swings with each arm every time you train.  Your intention is always solid contact with a FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH….  You understand that it’s the doing that is improving your swing, rather than the results.  With this approach, you’ll see slow progress in the drills over a year, but you’ll get some impressive results in your swing.  This is a consistent and systematic way of training.  It’s incredibly important. 

It’s the approach I now take with my training. 

Bottom line-  It will take several thousand one arm swings to become proficient if you pound them out with intensity over a short amount of time.  If that approach seems out of reach, take the consistent and systematic approach, stay curious  and work on your FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH….. 

No matter which path you take, I highly recommend bringing your sense of humor along with you!  These drills are tough. 

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