One Arm Drills

Hitting golf balls with one arm is probably the best way to train a body dominant swing.  Right arm only and left arm only golf swings do 2 things extremely well.

1.  They quickly convince a golfer that moving the club with arm muscles is a recipe for disaster!  (try it, you’ll see what I mean!)

2.  With persistence, you will begin to use GRAVITY and ROTATION to move the arm and the club rather than muscle. 

If you’ve ever tried hitting shots with one arm, you know how difficult the first few shots are….  Most people stop right there because it’s too difficult.  That’s unfortunate, because those swings are really telling you the story of your golf game!

For most golfers, the right arm thrusts down, releasing the club too early creating massive and sometimes painfully fat shots (hitting the ground up to a foot behind the ball!).  When most people swing with the left arm, curiously, they tend to whiff, missing above the ball…. 

THAT’S FASCINATING!  Both arms are screwing up!  The muscle in both arms is creating movement in the swing path.  In most cases, that movement tends to be the opposite with each arm.  Once slams the club down too early, the other pulls the club up above the ball…. 

That means when you put both hands on the club, you’ve created a swing that kind of compensates for both poor motions, creating something that resembles a golf swing. 

The brilliance of ONE ARM SWINGS is that over time it will teach both arms to work with GRAVITY and ROTATION!!!!  If the right arm simply falls and picks the ball up with your forward rotation, and your left arm simply falls and picks the ball up with your forward rotation, when you put both hands on the club, guess what??? BOTH arms behave in a manner which creates PATH INTEGRITY!!! 

I’m amazed that some golfers would rather continue compensating with both arms, rather than spend time on the range training both arms to comply with the laws of physics…..

It’s not easy.  THAT’S THE POINT!  It does, however, work magic on your golf swing! 

A lifetime of ONE ARM SWINGS!!!  Get to it!  You’ll love the results.

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