How to Unlearn, Without Thinking About It….

Generally speaking, the more inconsistent a golfer, the further away from physics compliance he or she is. 

More specifically, golfers that struggle with power, contact and direction (sounds like most golfers?) have more physical manipulations in their swing.  By manipulations, I simply mean moves of the body that keep the arc of the club from SWINGING and ON PATH. 

We all come into this game with a perception, some people come in with far better perceptions than the rest… Most of us come in with the perception to lift, steer, and kill to some degree. 


And happily, there is a sure fire way to unlearn!   It’s DOING WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING WHILE YOU TRAIN.  Training in the GRAVITY DRILLS, training with intent on finishing in a FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH, and OVERTRAINING the correct rotation of the forearms (hitting big ole hooks) if necessary will automatically help you UNLEARN the old perceptions. 

I’m not saying its easy.  Just that THERE IS A WAY!  Golfers must stay ON TRACK in their training for years and years.  Golfers must stay consistent and systematic in their training UNTIL!!!!

You will not unlearn by taking normal swings.  The best a golfer can do with regular swings is learn to manage an uncompliant swing.  That management disintegrates as you age…. 

UNLEARN by training systematically and consistently IN THE DRILLS! 

It’s a LIFETIME project!  Enjoy and be fascinated. 

And of course, come see me, ask me questions, take more lessons, comment on my blog… Get answers to your questions!!! 

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