Commenting on the Comments

George had a couple of one liners over the weekend that are worth responding to.  George, if you don’t know, is a two time Teacher of the Year (including 2011) up in Connecticut, and a long time friend.  I highly recommend going to and keeping up with his writings. 

Anyway, he made me giggle this morning when I checked out his comments from my last two blogs. 

In response to my picture of the empty driving range, he optimistically wrote: “Maybe they are all on the putting green?…”

We both know that chipping and putting practice are far more productive in terms of score for everyone’s game.  Golfers should be spending a significant amount of time on and around the greens…. 

His second one liner was in response to Calvin rolling and eating the golf ball….   “rule 18″.  that’s it.  It took me a second to realize he was referring to Calvin moving a ball at rest.  Calvin would be an ‘outside agency’ that moved a ball at rest.  The rule states that I would replace the ball (once I could get it away from him) to its original position.  No penalty. 

Now, if Calvin had a bib on and was my caddie for the day, I would replace the ball and receive a one shot penalty for having moved the ball!

Morals of the day:   CHIP AND PUTT!  And replace a ball at rest that has moved. 

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