How Golfers Use Muscle Successfully in the Swing

So there are a tiny few golfers that use muscle successfully in their swing.  By successfully, I mean that they are truly excellent ball strikers that hit more than 50% of fairways and upwards of 70% of greens in regulation. 

Camilo Vilegas  is a great example.  He’s very strong, works extremely hard on his golf game and is a great athlete.  Click on his name and watch his swing.  You can clearly see the slow backswing (and we all know that the slow backswing is NOT optimal!!!), you can also see the PULLING of the arms down and through impact. 

The video is a great example of ACTION/REACTION.  As he pulls down with his arms, his back foot pulls out in reaction!!!  He does that ALOT!  (How often have you seen Freddy’s back foot slip out?) 

So how can he have such a adverse reaction to the pulling in his golf swing and still hit fantastic golf shots?

All his strength allows him to compensate for the errors that muscles create.  That downward force works against forward rotational force.  He is strong enough to pull down AND get to his left side(even as his back leg is slipping back) and rotate fully and level. Hitting thousands and thousands of balls a week allows him to create consistency in his compensations.  Being a fantastic athlete affords him greater hand/eye coordination than most….  in the end, he plays great golf!

**I am not criticizing Camilo.  I have tremendous respect for him, and also really think he’s a terrific guy.  I’m pointing out what muscle does in a golf swing.  

For those less strong, less dedicated and less talented, using muscle is usually a disaster.  It’s completely CHAOTIC and a never ending loop of error correction and fixes.  

Maybe the title should have been:  “If You Have to Ask, Muscle Will Not Work in Your Swing”

Now watch this swing a dozen times to get a physics compliant swing back into your head! 

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