No ‘UP’ in a Backswing

Let’s get back to the golf swing.  One of the great errors that golfers make is using their arms to lift their arms and club into the back swing.  It seems like the right thing to do (for many golfers it’s an instinct to ‘lift and kill ball!’ Ugha…) and many golfers think that using the wrists and lifting the club onto a mythical plane looks good.

As soon as the arms engage in a muscular effort to move the arms and club back, maximum power and consistency are compromised.  Some golfers can recover extremely well, but that’s the problem… they have to recover on EVERY swing. 

The backswing is a CORE POWER MOVE that turns the arms and club into a SWING.  The energy should be rotational from the core.  The energy is back or LEVEL with the arms and club. 

If you placed a ball 12-16 inches behind your 7 iron, you should bump it during the early stage of your backswing…. If you don’t, you are most likely LIFTING the arms. 

THE ARMS and club go ‘up’ because they are attached to your shoulders.  No physical effort needs to be made to move them UP!

Swing level.  The design of the body and physics will create a wonderful swing arc that is far more predictable than hand and arm manipulations!!!!

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