Imagine There’s No Down in a Golf Swing

It’s pretty hard to do…… (*anybody got a song stuck in their head?)

OK, DOWN in a golf swing is often a death move that demands a compensation.  Let me explain.  Gravity pulls downward.  Centrifugal force pulls outward.  As the arms and club fall AND pull outward in the downswing, the arms actually should get longer.  It’s one of the factors that leads to a proper divot.  If your concept of the golf swing involves pulling or striking DOWN at the ball, the club will be pulled off it’s arc.  Without a compensation, you cannot hit solid golf shots consistently. 

A pulling down of the club also guarantees that the core(body) will be displaced.  Newton’s 3rd law of physics explains that a pulling down with the arms will cause the core to slow down, move back and begin to pivot around a floating or back axis…..  Again, without compensations, you cannot predict how the shot will come off. 

THE GREAT NEWS is that GRAVITY and CENTRIFUGAL FORCE work!!!  The club will fall at an accelerating rate, and if the body is free to pivot fully around the forward pivotal axis, centrifugal force will help sling the arms and club on a predictable arc THROUGH THE GOLF BALL (assuming correct ball position)!!!!! 

It does not need to take any physical effort to bring the club down and through the ball….

…. In the next post, I’ll explain how many athletes can have success using their muscles.  It can work, but it’s way harder than necessary!

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