Slo-Mo and It’s Destructive Force in Golf

WARNING:  Watching a slow motion golf swing can be hazardous to your golf……

I get so frustrated when I go to you tube to try to find an illustrative golf swing.  You see, the laws of physics allow a swing to work.  You can sometimes see these laws occurring in a normal speed swing, but almost never in a slow motion swing….  
So OK, there is a time or two where an occasional slow motion swing is OK to look at or analyze….  but it’s very limited.  
Slow Motion is a destructive force in golf because it completely overwhelms the golfing world.  You’ll find 20 slo-mo videos for every one regular speed swing.  That is a KILLER!!!
Why, because the only reason to look at slo-mo is to ANALYZE.  We look at slow motion to study specific positions that golfers reach (naturally and through tons of practice and the laws of physics) and then THINK about moving the club into those positions….   
*We do not learn to walk, ride a bike, tie our shoes, etc… through video analysis!  We learn through the bodies sensory systems!!! We CAN and do learn sport through the same system! Somewhere, golf has become an engineering problem, rather than a sport.  
Video has it’s place, no doubt (some visual learning can take place, and it has a huge entertainment value for golfers….).  In general though, video and slow-mo (more specifically) has thrusted the golf world down the wrong path of learning.  Over the last 20 years, as we understand more and more about the way we learn, we have also improved video technology and that ‘cool’ factor has kept the main stream golf media and teaching from going to more athletic/natural learning….  
That is destructive for the long term learning prospects of most golfers.* 
This is a venting blog.  I feel better now.  
PLAY GOLF.  DO GRAVITY DRILLS.  Stay away from the destructive, yet alluring pull of THINKING GOLF SWING.  
*(In fairness, a few of the most talented, most dedicated, and those with enough resources WILL benefit from this technology)

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