It Always Comes Back to a Balanced Followthru

So I’ve been thinking a bit about the golf swing…  It’s been a while since I’ve written specifically about it.  (I have written pretty extensively on it in previous posts, so feel free to check them out or re-read them!)

What can I write about that will have the biggest impact for my students? (I’d love to hear your questions and thoughts, by the way…)

It always comes back to a balanced followthrough around the forward pivotal axis.  I’m still watching my students finish inconsistently….  Ask yourself if your finish is fully rotated, relaxed, and balanced on the forward pivotal axis with tremendous consistency….  If not, why aren’t you working on it?

As you are watching the PGA Tour Championship this weekend, watch the different swings of the top 30 golfers….  Then watch what they all seem to have in common.  TREMENDOUS skills of a rotated, relaxed balanced finish. 

Of course there are other parts of the swing that are important, but balance at the end is a basic PRE-REQUISITE.   No matter where else you focus on in your swing, it must end consistently and correctly. 

I’m reminding you to notice on the range and on the course.  I’m reminding you to focus on it… I’m reminding you to improve it!   

Summary:   After a core dominated takeaway, the tension leaves the arms, back and shoulders as the arms and club SWING on their own momentum into the backswing….  As the momentum begins to run out of the back, arms and club, the mass of the body seamlessly falls back into the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS due to gravity and the arms and club fall into the downswing plane.  Once a golfer has hit the forward pivotal axis correctly and deflected into the counterfall (this all can and should happen automatically), he/she simply rotates around that axis fully and freely.  Centrifugal force and gravity sling the arms and club on a predictable path through the ball, sending out on a tangent to the swing arc….  Said golfer finishes fully rotated, relaxed, and balanced on the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS. 

No strike.  No hit.  No steering.  The ball gets in the way of the swing!

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